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Aug, 2020

Pop Warner BuxMont Practice Plan - COVID-19 Precautions

BuxMont will follow and practice all guidelines suggested by the NFHS (National Federation of High School) as well as the CDC (Center for Disease Control). The guidelines below are valid through August 17 2020. Additional protocols to follow once BuxMont determines if contact is feasible according to NFHS and CDC guidelines. 

NFHS & CDC Guidelines (Football & Cheer) PRACTICE 

  • As of 14July 2020 the state of Pennsylvania is in a Green status. Under this status the state allows the commencement of football practices and games to begin.
  • NFHS recommends that football practices can resume in phase 3 (equivalent of PA GREEN) and states that resumption of competition depends on current state of data.

    BuxMont Practice (Football & Cheer) PRACTICE ONLY

    • Recommendations based on Pennsylvania being in GREEN. The following practice plan is recommended by combining guidelines from the NFHS, CDC, PA DOH and will be implemented with modifications from requirements set forth by Governor Wolf (


    Population/crowd density known risk factor for COVID-19. 

    Currently, PA requires gatherings of <250 people, NFHS for phase 3 recommends <50.  With this in mind, recommend:

  • Limiting parent or guardian at practice if social distancing cannot be followed. If a parent or guardian is at practice, a mask is mandatory at all times. 
  • Non-participants remain at least 6 ft apart, avoid congregating in large groups
  • Discourage persons older than age 65 or underlying medical comorbidities from attending if possible. – (Recommended)
  • Spectators are prohibited from sitting on bleachers / benches.
  • Each team designates their individual practice space by cones/paint etc. Spectators must remain 15ft away from the designated practice area. 


    All players screened for both temperature (100.4 F) and symptoms (fatigue, lethargy, fever, body aches, anosmia, respiratory symptoms, GI illness) prior to every practice.  Screening is mandatory and needs to be done prior to every practice.

  • Every parent must sign the Pop Warner waivers prior to starting practice. 
  •  Every parent must conduct a pre-screen on their own before every practice. If the child has symptoms, it is the parents responsibility to withhold their child from practice. See Appendix A
  •  One staff member for each team will be designated to perform temp checks. 
  •  A check-in tent will be set up at each practice for the player, coaches, parent  temp.
  •  If a temperature is equal to or greater than 100.4 F the individual must leave the facility and not return until fever free / negative COVID-19 test. 
  •  If positive COVID-19 screen, player will be referred away from practice that day and recommended to follow up with physician.  Quarantine from practice/team for 2 weeks.  
  •  If ill at practice, immediately remove person from practice and not return until fever free.
  •  Isolation protocol will be in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  •  A player or coach testing positive for the presence COVID-19 will self-quarantine according to CDC guidelines and the league will be notified.


  • Staggering arrival times for practice for different teams is recommended (every 5-10 minutes).
  • Hand washing mandatory for all players and staff.
  • Mandatory wipe down of all equipment  pre practice (includes balls)
  • Interactions prior to practice or warm ups should be highly discouraged.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings over nose and mouth mandatory for all coaches and spectators during entirety of practice.  (INCLUDES PARENTS AND SIBLINGS NOT PARTICIPATING IN PRACTICE)
  • All players must remain 6ft apart during breaks or when on sidelines. Water bottle sharing is prohibited. Every child must have their own. .


  • Drills or groups (25 or fewer) during practice at all times. Only 50 people can be together for each practice on field. 
  • Practice periods and drills involving full squad is prohibited.
  • Wipe down equipment (pads, balls, sleds, etc.) after completion of practice period and each drill. As much as possible.
  • No whistles are to be used by any coach at any time.
  • No stunting at any time for cheer
  • Socially distancing is mandatory during cheer practice at all times.
  • No fist pumps, high fives at any time. 
  • No huddles
  • No blocking drills may include direct player to player contact. All drills should use pads when teaching blocking and tackling. 


  • Wipe down all equipment / balls. Suggest players and cheer to shower immediately once home.

Exhibit A:

Are you exhibiting any of the following new or worsening symptoms of possible COVID-19?
____ Cough
____ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
____ Chills
____ Repeated shaking with chills
____ Muscle Pain
____ Headache
____ Sore throat
____ Loss of taste or smell
____ Diarrhea
____ Feeling Feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
____ Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19

____ Currently living with someone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
____ None of the above/No Symptoms

Temperature certification:
____ I certify that I took my temperature before arriving at the field today and it was less than 100° F Duty to Inform:
____ I will inform you if I knowingly come in contact with someone who tested positive within 14 days prior.
____ I will inform you and not attend Pop Warner activities for 14 days if I develop any of the above symptoms.
____ If I test positive for COVID-19, I will not return to Pop Warner activity without medical clearance.

Buxmont Pop Warner practices are prohibited in the YELLOW phase.

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